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The Texas General Land Office - George P. Bush, Commissioner

Analysis of Impediments

​Before the state could access Hurricanes Ike/Dolly Round 2 funds, complaints about the distribution of funds and the Analysis of Impediments (AI) to fair housing prompted an agreement that changed the distribution process and updated the AI for the Phase 1 AI hurricane-impacted area the remainder of the state was updated in 2013.

​Housing advocates filed a complaint to HUD in December 2009, alleging the planned distribution of funds was a violation of fair housing regulations and the state's Analysis of Impediments (AI) to fair housing was dated.  The state chose to negotiate a conciliation agreement in order to move forward.  As part of that agreement, the process for distributing funds was changed and the state agreed to update its AI.  The AI for the hurricane-impacted area referred to as Phase 1 AI is updated.  The remainder of the state was updated in 2013. 

Phase 1:  2011 Anaylsis of Impediments

2011 Anaylsis of Impediments Appendices:

A - Executed and Approved Conciliation Agreement

B - County Maps of Section 3 Housing as Held by HUD

C - Fair Housing Filings From Texas Workforce Commission and Region 6 HUD

D - County Maps of Section 8 Housing as Held by HUD

F - List of Projects and Programs by Jurisdiction 2005 to Present

G - Interviews/Focus Groups Conducted By Southwest Fair Housing Council

H - Supporting Data for Home Mortgage Disclosure Act Analysis

Phase 2: 2013 Analysis of Imediments