Texas Rebuilds
The Texas General Land Office - George P. Bush, Commissioner

Property Eligibility

​​​​​​The homeowner’s damage property must meet the property eligibility criteria to qualify for the disaster recovery assistance.   The minimum qualifications criteria have been established by the Land Office.   The review of the damaged property eligibility begins once the homeowner’s application has been accepted.​​​

Damage Assessment
A damage assessment is conducted to determine the damage or destruction to structure was a direct result of the disaster event.
Environmental Review - Site Specific
All properties must receive an environmental clearance before any funds are committed. A site-specific environmental review is completed for the property.
Taxes and Liens
The applicant must furnish evidence that property taxes are current, have an approved payment plan or qualify for an exemption under current laws.
The property must be located in a disaster impacted area that is eligible to receive housing assistance.