Texas Rebuilds
The Texas General Land Office - George P. Bush, Commissioner

Housing Guidelines Waiver Requests & Responses

​​Subrecipients may request a waiver or waivers to some of the requirements referenced in the Hurricanes Ike/Dolly Round 2 Housing Guidelines, so long as the waiver(s) comply with the Conciliation Agreement and subsequent program requirements. ​

​Deep East Texas Council of Government (DETCOG)

Waiver Requests & Responses 1-6

City of Galveston

Waiver Requests & Responses 1-14

Galveston County

Waiver Requests & Responses 1-17

Harris County

Waiver Requests & Responses 1-3

City of Houston

Waiver Requests & Responses 1-17

Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC)
Waiver Requests & Responses 1-2

Lower Rio Grande Valley Development Council (LRGVDC)

Waiver Requests & Responses 1-25

South East Texas Regional Planning Commission (SETRPC)

Waiver Requests & Responses 1-7