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The Texas General Land Office - George P. Bush, Commissioner

Fair Housing

​​​​​​Fair housing regulations work to prevent discrimination and provide further housing choices. These regulations require communities to affirmatively further fair housing (AFFH) and increase public awareness of fair housing laws. Communities must conduct all projects, whether housing, infrastructure, or economic development, in accordance with a fair housing plan.​

​Analysis of Impediments

Before the state could access Hurricanes Ike/Dolly Round 2 funds, complaints about the distribution of funds and the Analysis of Impediments (AI) to fair housing prompted an agreement that changed the distribution process and updated the AI for the Phase 1 AI hurricane-impacted area the remainder of the state was updated in 2013.  Read More


In order to assist communities in furthering fair housing, the Land Office created a Fair Housing Activity Statement – Texas (FHAST). This form is required for all Hurricanes Ike/Dolly Round 2.2 applications for funding. It is intended to demonstrate the commitment by communities to review the Phase 1 AI, and implement action plans for the improvement of fair housing in their area.  The Land Office will monitor the actions that communities have agreed to take in order to address impediments to fair housing as detailed in their adopted FHAST Form.


Suspected Fair Housing Act violations can be reported to the Civil Rights Division of the Texas Workforce Commission (www.twc.state.tx.us) or the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD.gov).